Pro Down Man Shield
Pro Down Man Shield

Pro Down Man Shield

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Before the big game, make sure your team is ready to take on the opposition with this Pro Down Football Man Shield. Offensive players can practice blocking techniques without physical contact with their teammate using this shield, which is held by another player to mimic real-life player movements, resistance and game situations. Coaches can encourage proper hand placement during tackling and blocking drills with the angled top that is designed to resemble shoulder pads worn by a player. Four reinforced handles allow the player holding the shield to provide optimal push-back during drills.


      • Designed to help both offensive and defensive football players practice one-on-one blocks with moving targets
      • Allows players to practice blocking without physical contact between two players to help avoid season-changing injuries
      • Shield is held by one player while another player practices making the block
      • Angled top mimics the design of the opponent's shoulder pads to promote proper hand placement
      • Four reinforced handles allow a secure hold for optimal resistance during drills
      • Activity: Football
      • Brand: Pro Down
      • Material: Foam, Nylon, Vinyl
      • Number Of Handles: 4
      • Product Height: 5 in.
      • Product Length: 26 in.
      • Product Weight: 5 lb.
      • Product Width: 22 in.
      • Quantity: 1 
  • 22"W x 26"L x 5"H - 5 lbs.; 4 reinforced handles